List of Renamed Indian cities

Renaming of cities in India started in 1947, following the end of the British imperial period in India, and continues today. Several changes were politically controversial, and not all proposed changes were implemented. Each had to be approved by the central government in New Delhi.

1. Chennai, formerly Madras, renamed in 1996

2. Jabalpur, formerly Jubbulpore, renamed in 1947

3. Kanpur, formerly Cawnpore, renamed in 1948

4. Kochi, formerly Cochin, renamed in 1996

5. Kolkata, formerly Calcutta, renamed in 2001

6. Mumbai, formerly Bombay, renamed in 1995

7. Puducherry, formerly Pondicherry, renamed in 2006

8. Thiruvananthapuram, formerly Trivandrum, renamed in 1991

9. Vadodara, formerly Baroda, renamed in 1974

10. Varanasi, formerly Benares

11. Guwahati, formerly Gauhati

12. Indore, formerly Indhur

13. Kozhikode, formerly Calicut

14. Panaji, formerly Panjim

15. Pune, formerly Poona

16. Sagar, formerly Saugor

17. Shimla, formerly Simla

18. Thanjavur, formerly Tanjore

19. Thoothukudi, formerly Tuticorin

20. Thrissur, formerly Trichur

21. Tiruchirapalli,formerly Trichinopoly or its shortened version, Trichy

22. Udhagamandalam,formerly Ootacamund or its shortened version, Ooty

23. Vijayawada, formerly Bejawada

24. Visakhapatnam, formerly Waltair and before that, Vizagapatnam or its shortened version, Vizag

25. Avantika to Ujjain

26. Vorugallu to Warangal

27. Cambay to Khambhat

28. Bulsar to Valsad

29. Bangalore to Bengaluru (change effective from 1 November 2006)

30. Bhopal Bairagarh to Sant Hirda Ram Nagar, Bhopal

31. Jullunder to Jalandhar

32. Ropar to Rupnagar

33. Mohali to SAS Nagar

34. Nawan Shahar to Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar

35. Cape Comorin to Kanyakumari

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